Hi, my name ist Jonas Schweizer. I am a Master’s student at the university of Münster and freelancing software developer. During the last years i made various, very exciting experiences in the files of software development and IT in general. Together with my partners i design, develop, maintain and support you with you online presence. Our projects are professionally developed, easy to use and create for visitors and maintainers alike.

I am happy to further support you as a freelance worker in any project of webdesign or IT Consulting. You can confide on my broad know-how in the areas of software engineering, usability, product management, IT process management and IT management.

Get to know me and my CV in detail.

For tasks in the fields of design, layout and photography, my partners are valueable supporters:

Stefanie Günter

Stefanie Günter

Architektur und Design

Steffi studies architecture at the Münster School of Architecture. In parallel she manages her own architecture projects and creats design and layouts for web and